Good morning!

KKWOW has officially been reset and everything is on a nice new clean map.  What about the old map?  That multiverse link will be coming soon.  I suggest all players find a nice claim far away from spawn.  Spawn tends to be a quite rocky and dangerous place.

AugustoNunes is in charge of building Spawn this time, I’d love to see what he comes up with.


Hey All!

Friday night, May 1st, we will have a server reset.  Fear not, we will move the current land to multiverse.  The old land will be available until May 15th.  The goal is to start doing Server Resets every 6 months.  Want them sooner or later?  Let us know!


Crikey! The elusive spider jockey by Sinquil last night.  Don’t get too close or he’ll attack!


The elusive spider jockey. So majestic… One sting can zap your health.